Who We Are

Off We Go!

Hi! We’re Dermot and Dee. For the last two years, we have lived in different towns, nearly 80 kms apart. Not a crazy distance, we know, but just enough to keep us wishing for the day we would physically be together, for longer than the span of a weekend. Since we started dating, we knew that just being together was what we wanted the most, but we also quickly realized that there was a bit more to that dream…

When we started discussing where our first place would be together, it quickly became apparent that neither of us had a point somewhere between our 80 km commute in mind. Our home for the last few years has been in the memories we’ve shared showing each other our favourite places, exploring less familiar sites, and trying new things together. We have covered a considerable amount of local ground already, and we’ve even managed a road trip exploring some of California’s pacific coast, but we know that there is so much more exploring to do, and we want to do it together.

So we are just going for it. For just over a year, we are leaving our independent lives behind, and taking on our current biggest bucket list item, to do some travelling and live abroad, together. We want to get to know our life together, and explore some of this amazing world at the same time. First, a Eurotrip is in store for us. Then, we hope to find our ‘first place’ together across the world in Australia, where we have Working Holiday visas.

This is where our together list starts – We can’t wait to get started, and we hope that friends and family will enjoy our (hopefully) regular recaps on this great adventure of ours!